AKASH DHIMAN is a multidisciplinary designer, researcher and artistic investigator. He works along with people, advocate human values through design innovations and create digital and physical experiences. 

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Game of choice, not chance: Boys

Coming soon;
For related info check out https://www.gameofchoicenotchance.com/

Informal E-Waste Recycling

A series of design innovation and field research projects focused on understanding human values involved in infomal e-waste recycling site and re-thinking industrial design process.
Independent Research
Mexico city and Los Angeles

Expressing Hunger

A multi-phase investigation of food insecurity faced by a significant portion of students. It investigates this complex problem using ethnographic, qualitative, and innovative research methods.

Independent Research
Los Angeles

Social Impact Design and Field Explorations

Design and research projects conducted over a geographical location with a focused theme. With support of and in collaboration with Going to School and RBMVE-Onward. 

Independent + Sponsored

Mixed Locations

UX/UI Projects

Case studies of landing pages, app design and digital platforms. 

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Multi-Disciplinary Projects

Product Design, book design, and others.

Sponsored + Independent
Mixed Locations