Social Design + Field Exploration

Scrappy Newsrooms
for Kids

Scrappy Newsroom for kids was part of 2-3 year long project under Going to school, India, comprised of teaching the 9th-grade government school’s students about reporting on national TV, researching about local community based problems, operating a camera, understanding the importance of sustainability, and building a newsroom.
Going to School, 2016

More than 20 newsroom were designed in different part of India and few in Mexico. The design of every structure is unique considering sustainability, use of local resources and practical learning.

Environment-friendly materials and waste products, like bamboo, coconut rope, wood, old clothes, broken furniture, the spare vehicle parts, etc. were used in the construction of walls, ceiling, furniture, and decorations.

Check out the official project link for more info.

Tools + Material
Scrap and Construction tools,

Production assist, Field Work, Construction knowledge, Team management,

Field Work, Architecture Education,
Participatory Activity

Mithun Tm, Midhun Gopi,
Going to School.