Multidisciplinary Design

Repair Kit

A kit designed for a school going kid in poorest town of India. It contains tools to fix their cycle puncture on their own become self-reliable and a problem solver.

How a kid commuting at night in an area without street lights will feel secure and confidence enough in case of an emergency such as tire puncture?
Product Design

Tools + Material
Synthetic fabric, Glow in the dark fabric, threads, velcro, adobe illustrator

Product designing, Field Research, Textile knowledge, Sewing, Rapid prototyping

Human-Centered Product Design,



The kit features a waterproof ‘glow in the dark’ fabric which is helpful at night. Three small Velcro straps at the base can carry a bottle and also, one can attach the kit to the cycle rod, furthermore, adjustable straps are provided to wear it on the back. It contains 4 tools required to repair a puncture and also can be refilled or replaced easily and locally. 180,000 kits were produced and delivered to government schools in Bihar.

In India, 1 out of every 3 school going children owns a bicycle. They drive their prized possession anytime anywhere but usually the complications occur when the tire tube gets punctured. Usually, in rural parts you’ll find puncture repair shops in close proximity but they are not available at night. This can become a major safety issue for a young girl or a guy who is commuting alone on a bicycle.

Research Notes:



The kit comes with an infographic that shows how fix a puncture using simple drawings