Social Design + Field Exploration

Make Your Spot

Public Intervention 
Los Angeles, 2017

Social experiment to explore the living condition of homeless people living on the street.

Field Notes

  • The one side of the street have businesses which are hipper, entertainment and youth oriented like Tattoo parlor, Hookah bar, Billiards, Dance refugee, Medical marijuana dispensary, etc., but the other side of the street is more formal institutions like The Braille Institute, The LACC, The metro station, etc.

  • A person who used be homeless for 5 years, interacted and talked about the material he used in order to construct his own temporary place on streets. 

  • The population of homeless community exists in harmony besides where young/old/rich/poor go to college and work.

  • There was a sense of acceptance towards every type of group of people irrespective of their race, gender or status.

  • Despite of the presence of the crowd tagged as ‘potentially dangerous’. It felt safe to roam around at night. Students attend late night classes at LACC and some of the local shops open till late at night.

  • The intention to understand how material plays a role behind creating your own comfortable space in streets was not compeletly refined and specified enough to allow everyone to participate.