Informal E-waste Recycling 

Bluehaze ‘Dismantler Series
Game Controller

A one-of-a-kind DIY functionable game controller specially designed to compliment the traditional dismantling methodology used at informal electronic waste recycling site.

Millions of game controller (electronic products) reach to the dismantlers working at an informal electronic waste recycling site, such as, Colonia Renovación, Mexico City. According to the United Nations report, 70% percent of total global electronic waste in 2014 was dealt by people in the Informal recycling facilities. You’ll find them working with hand-held tools on the floor in a small 6ft-by-6ft closed room where they also live, or you’ll find them by the road side in the sun surrounded by the heaps of discarded electronic components. They only work with hammer, chisel, knife and fire to dismantle any hand-held to large electronic device.

So, how about we re-configure the design of consumer electronic products that also considers the crucial behind-the-scene work of informal dismantlers who make sure that the metal and non metal components are recycled and eventually, reaches back to the industry thus completing the life cycle of a product in the process.

This Game controller was selected as a case study to consider the recyclers and dismantlers as the ultimate end user and incorporates their dismantling strategies into the design thinking process. It is designed using the concept of encapsulation developed from material study design for breakability. Read more about it here.

The project has is roots in the field research conducted at an informal recycling site at Colonia Renovación, Mexico City.

Tools + Material
Silicone rubber,
Recycled game controller

Material Studies,
3D Printing
Mold Making

Innovative Product Design,
Thesis Project

Mexico City(field) and Los Angeles(lab)