“In a story in which two lovers make love and are surprised in the process, rap newcomer Dman from India delivers with his current song "Masaan" captivating and intense vocals that transport the emotional story of a suicide and the sadness of the senseless act itself; unfortunately not uncommon in this society. Think of stories like Thrity Umrigar's 'Honor' where the atrocities escalate even further.”
Featured by a german blog Tonspion: Link

Written and performed by DMAN. Produced by Eeryskies and Chad with Max kate on keys. Supporting background vocals by Xeede. Mixed by Ray Alex and Mastered by Sound mixology

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A. Dman is a human being, nothing more nothing less. 

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A. Dman is a Haryana-born Indian artist who spent his life living and working as a social impact designer in North-West India. During his time in Los Anegeles and Mexico city, he became acquainted with underground hip-hop music, pop culture, and street fashion which influenced his artistic expressions. To cope with depression & heartbreaks, he started writing lyrics in 2018 and gradually it became his art practice. He has performed at open mic events in Jagadhri, Bangalore, Goa, Harlem, and Downtown Los Angeles. As reviewed by Tonspoin, his debut musical composition, which tells the forgotten narrative of Piyush Chaudhary from the Bollywood film Masaan, is out now. Enjoy! 

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