The Sun and The Voyager

Your past haunts you and your future demands too much of you. There are times when the world doesn't agree with you but your gut feelings are too strong to ignore. This is the story of Dr.Hyngwar and the viking leader Ivar the boneless. This is a speculative alternate story of Ivar in an alternate universe where people are forced to use the Time-sense of Arctic region.

The speculative piece is based on the culture of ancient nordic community living in arctic region and their underdstanding time at that period. It was developed under the brief; write a piece that presents a future scenario in a world where the sense perception of time is rooted beyond Euro-American constructions. In other words, the principle by which time is constructed and understood in your world must come from values, conditions, and assumptions of a place. The written form is a screenplay where the use of time and technology is integrated in the life of the main character. In the story, Earth becomes inhabitable because of a meteor strike.

Synopsis: People are forced to live on a temporary planet where motion of the sun is similar to that of arctic region on earth, i.e, much closer to horizon. So, they have to use time in a relative manner irrespective of the duration of the day and night. The inspiration for the event is historical. It reflects back to the time when Iceland was completely occupied and had no place for any more immigrants. This eventually forced vikings to got out into the unknown sea and reach Europe. Their sense of travel and adventure took them to land where they could find place for their people to live and farm. After all, vikings were farmers but infamous for being uncivilized savage warriors as declared by christian society. In-fact, Vikings had better government system which is still somewhat used in today's democracy. This speculative scenario is also an attempt to uncover these myths about nordic community and show their true self of being a voyager and concerned about the survival of their own people.

Writing a speculative is fun. The real challenge is to tackle the historical facts, influences and reality at the same time. In the attempt to create a new world, one tends to get distracted and ignore the delicacy of the system, diverse nature of people, demographics, timeline, consequences and reasoning. This practice was a take on afro-futurism, it uses that as a principle to think of the future and tackle the question that seems important to the auther writing the article.
Speculative Writing